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#1 KBeauty Selected Facemask Pack by Dr.LEEWONSEOK (10pcs)

Product type: Beauty

Tags: face revitalization, facemask pack, kbeauty, skin relaxation, skincare


Dr.LEEWONSEOK's 2 Step Thread lifting Aquagloss Mask 

● Containing the melting thread used for lifting plastic surgery : The melting thread ingredient used for lifting plastic surgery help to keep your skin elastic and soft by producing collagen
   and skin reproduction in your skin.
● Very simple lifting care mask sheet that has special cutting design covers all around chin, lips, deflection of skin at once by putting it forward until the side of face.
● Second generation lifting mask that removes the trouble of general 2 steps mask. Which hangs on ear and attach on the chin. 
● Double aqua lifting with high moisture aquagloss elasticity : Aquagloss lifting effect with Powerful moisture treatment of Hyaluronic acid, Aquaxyl that keeps the skin moist and
   soft for 24 hours and fill the skin with moisture 

How To Use
1.Clear skin with toner, run on 1st essence and attach the 2nd mask
2.Put the mask on the face and forward until both side of chin After cleansing the skin
3.Detach the mask and pat the essence for absorption into the skin after 10-20 minute.

"It may be a little tense when using essence. This is due to skin elasticity ingredients. Use it with confidence."

How to Use Dr Leewonseok's Face Mask Pack

How to use Dr. Lee Won Seok's Facemask Pack

How To Use 1.Clear skin with toner, run on 1st essence and attach the 2nd mask2.Put the mask on the...

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